Marisol Pareja - Author

Having been born into a Catholic family, Marisol realized at the age of 29 that something was missing in her life. Not knowing it was Jesus Christ, she turned to seek God elsewhere after not being fulfilled spiritually by her Catholic Church. In her search for the one true God, she was led to a Charismatic Christian church and accepted Jesus Christ and was baptized. The struggle continued for her soul between good and evil, and after many years, she fell into occult practices where they assured her they were from God and that they were the secret society of Jesus Christ. Pareja grew up in a city filled with psychics and mediums and a stepmother who practiced occult rituals at home. Not knowing God is against seeking advice from mediums, she fell into temptation by practicing vudu at the age of 33. After many years in a back-slidden Christian state, a friend then took her to a Baptist Church one Sunday afternoon at the age of 39. In obedience to God, she  rededicated her life to Jesus Christ. Marisol was baptized in the ocean with 500 other Christians on Fort Lauderdale beach in Florida. It was the most amazing day of her life and she has been filled with the Holy Ghost ever since. Jesus Christ rescued her from organized religion and gave her a new life. He instructed her to write "The Mask of Deception" to show the similarities between Catholicism and Voodoo and how they could possibly be one in the same.

Marisol Pareja now leads Christians United for the Freedom of Nations(CUFN); a ministry based in Anaheim, CA dedicated to providing prayer and fundamental biblical instruction for countries held captive due to idol worshiping so they can become free. CUFN assists those in need of real biblical understanding and offers webinars to become free through Jesus Christ, not religion.