I’ve grown up in the Christian faith and still growing. I go to services with my parents most of the time and learned about God and Jesus Christ. I’ve been scared about things and I’ve had anxiety & phobias about certain things. But I learned how He died on the cross for all of us sinners.

In April 2015 at our Easter services, we sat at tables for communion as a family of believers. But this time was different! I sat in between my mom and dad like always and this is hard to describe, but there was presence in the air of good. So when the pastor asked if anyone wanted to get to know Jesus and wanted to get born again, I felt as if someone grabbed me by my arm as to say raise your hand or stand up. I wasn’t scared and was calm. I think it was the Holy Spirit. So in May of 2015 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and was born again. I don’t have much fear, anxiety or phobias like I use to. I will always believe in God.

Shannon E. - 12 years old,

I grew up as a child in the Catholic Faith, Baptism and Communion, we attended services regularly on Sunday mornings. Even though we attended I never felt like I knew who God was. I don’t recall having a Bible during services, we never read from it in the Church it was always the priest who read from up high in front of Church. We knew the 10 commandments and each week we had to confess our sins to the Priest who then told us how many hail Mary’s and so forth to say before we took of the communion. It was the same ritual each week and just followed through the motions.

I found myself searching for a purpose and meaning in people. Whether that was friends or in relationships, I poured my whole heart and soul into them. I was fixated on myself and my image. I was consumed with what people thought of me and was living for the acceptance of the world.

At one out of my many lowest points when I was afraid and felt alone, God drew me to Himself through the Word that was brought to me by my mother who cared enough about my soul to share her story.

Christina M E. - 48 years old,

Born into a Catholic family, I began seeking God when I was 29 and went to mass for the very last time after I saw there was no faith there. Seeking God, I found a Pentecostal Christian Church where I received Jesus as my Savior and was baptized as an adult at the age of 29. I then backslid for many years because I did not surround myself with other Bible believers and fell into occult practices because I did not read my Bible. At the age of 39 I rededicated my life to God and got re-baptized, in the ocean of Fort Lauderdale Florida with 500 other believers that day and my life has never been the same. Jesus Christ came and rescued me in 2009 and instructed me to write a book and tell others that secret societies, Voodoo and Catholicism are not from Him. I have learned to live in victory through Jesus Christ. Thank you God for salvation! I am happy and free finally!

Marisol P., info@themaskofdeception.org

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