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The Mask of Deception

"The Mask of Deception - Are Catholics Unknowingly Practicing Voodoo and Santeria?"

Santeria is a child religion of Voodoo and means Saint Worship in English. Open this book and read about Marisol's journey in and out of these two religions that caused her to start researching the topic further when she was speaking to a Catholic man in California back in 2012. Not knowing where she got the information she told this man, she began researching the Catholic/Voodoo correlation and what God has revealed to her is astounding.  Are the saints from Santeria and Voodoo the same as the saints in the Catholic Church just given different names? Find out now!


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Could Catholics unknowingly be practicing Santeria and Voodoo without? Marisol's journey into and out of the Catholic Church and the religion of Voodoo led her to believe that they are actually one and the same. As she began to research more and more she is convinced they are one and the same. If you really want to be blown away at what Jesus has showed her after her journey, then buy this book.


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