The Mask of Deception - Book

The Mask of Deception - Are Catholics Unknowingly Practicing Voodoo?

After her 40 year journey in and out of organized religion, Marisol Pareja writes The Mask of Deception, a compelling comparison of the Catholic and Voodoo Religions. Having been born into a Catholic family, Marisol was a practicing Catholic up until the age of 29. She then turned to Jesus Christ and professed Jesus as her Lord and Savior and was baptized shortly thereafter. She then began seeking advice from psychics and later turned to Voodoo where she was never initiated, but saw enough to know about their practices. Jesus Christ led her out of these organized religions and set her completely free in 2009. Jesus showed Marisol the similarities between the two religions and told her to write about them. She shows the synchronicity between Catholicism and Voodoo and how truly alike the two religions are. The same attire and colors are worn by Priests and Cardinals in the Catholic Church as do the Voodoo Priests. Jesus showed her that they worship the same Gods; the sun, the moon, and the serpent.

A few striking similarities between both religions include: The priests and nuns attire, the colors worn, the rituals practiced and their symbolisms, their saints, and their gods.

Are Catholics really practicing voodoo in disguise? Read on to find out.......