The Mask of Deception

Santeria and Voodoo in Catholicism.

Could it be possible that for centuries Catholics have been innocently practicing voodoo without even knowing it? Could it be that infant baptism is really an initiation process into voodoo? What are the implications, if this were to be true? No doubt, it would cause a major indictment against the Catholic Church if it were true. Why would they go to such measures to hide this from their members?

The author of The Mask of Deception, Marisol Pareja grew up with a stepmother who practiced witchcraft at home and a Catholic Dad who did nothing about it. She fell into the same traps as her stepmother did in her teens and used to go to psychics and mediums for direction and guidance. Not knowing Jesus is against such practices, after her encounter with a Voodoo High Priest named “Papa Raul” she was able to escape him and Jesus pulled her out of it all. He instructed her to write the book to show how similar the three religions are and that they are one and the same and to tell her story of what she went through and how Jesus pulled her out of it.  It was not an easy journey for her, she endured a lot to bring you this amazing discovery and was delivered from the pits of hell by Jesus Christ through a friend who invited her to church one Sunday afternoon back in 2009.  Find out how Voodoo, Santeria, and Catholicism are synchronized and how their gods are all one and the same. After many years in both religions, Jesus told Marisol that all three religions were the same and that Catholicism is just a cover-up for their real religion….. Voodoo.

Could it be so hard to believe after so many harsh truths about the Catholic Church and its horrifying history? Did Catholics hijack Christianity? Doesn’t the Bible say in:

Matthew 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

What are the frutis of The Catholic Church and does it’s history prove what fruit they produce? We hear in the news about the pedophile priests, the murders in the Vatican, the nuns who hid children’s bodies in septic tanks in Canada. Not to mention the millions of Jews and Christians they killed in the Spanish Inquisition all in the name of Christ? Could this be the church that Jesus established? It is clear that Catholic Church is not the church founded by Christ and upon Christ’s return, He will come to judge all. Jesus healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, and preached peace and to love our neighbor as yourself.

The real question in any religion is what god or gods do they serve? Even Christians who say they worship God can be guilty of worshiping another God like the god of money, there are many prosperity preachers out there today. We are to test the spirits to see if they are from God according to what the Bible teaches:

1 John 4: 1-8

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

The vodun priests serve the female they believe created all life named “Mawu” who bore 7 children. This creator embodies a dual cosmogenic principle of which “Mawu” the moon and “Lisa” the sun are respectively the male and female aspects and are somewhat twins. The Catholic Church uses the moon and the sun in all of their symbols and statues. In other traditions, Legba is represented as Mawu’s masculine counterpart, thus being represented as a phallus or as a man with a prominent phallus. Dan, who is Mawu’s androgynous son, is represented as a rainbow serpent and was to remain with her and act as a go-between with her other creations. As the mediator between the spirits and the living, Dan maintains balance, order, peace, and communication. Dan is the serpent. Mawu the moon, sun and the stars are all venerated and worshipped in Catholicism, in fact, the half moon is beneath the feet of the statue they call “Mary” to the public, which is really “Mawu” worshipped in Vodun for hundreds and hundreds of centuries. Catholics will never tell you this of their own free will, they will deny it to death, but it does not take a genius to figure out they are all one and the same. It is obvious that it is a woman “Mawu” that they venerate and worship, just like the Catholics venerate and worship “Mary” even though they don’t admit to it. It is clear that they do not worship Yahweh and Yeshua the true creator of the Universe. Hence, they worship a different god than the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They worship the serpent and Mawu.

In Haitian Voodoo, Danballah is the rainbow serpent or “Dan” “Baal” and “Allah”. Dan is from the tribe of Dan, those who are NOT sealed of the 144,000 of the 12 tribes of Dan spoken of in Revelation. Baal is the pagan god served since the time of Moses and Aaron when the people of Yahweh were impatient and made a golden calf and prayed to it, instead of waiting on Yahweh. Allah is the god of Islam, the one who promises virgins when they die. Islam is also one of the religions the devil uses to bring about his will on the earth and the spirit of Islam is not of God.

The Pope has actually verbally stated that the cross was a failure and there is a video here where they clearly declare Lucifer as their god which is another name for Satan before his fall to earth. Click here to view it:

Jacob foretold Dan’s future when he said in:

Genesis 49:16-18 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

16 Dan shall judge his people,
as one of the tribes of Israel.
17 Dan shall be a serpent by the way,
an adder in the path,
that biteth the horse heels,
so that his rider shall fall backward.

Idolatry is common among Voodoo, Santeria, and Catholic practitioners the like. After having been in all of these religions at one point in time of my life, I can definitively say that they are all one and the same. They are unknowingly worshiping the fallen angels that fell when Satan was cast down to hell. Most Catholics are not aware that when Satan was cast out of heaven, 1/3rd of the angels were cast out with him. The Catholic people are deceived because if they knew the truth they would not practice this. So the truth needs to be told to them. Here is a bible verse showing that the devil is the serpent of old and has always been linked to the devil since Yahweh cast him and his angels out of heaven.

Revelation 12:9-10 King James Version (KJV)

9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. 10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

Voodoo was a persecuted religion in the 1900’s and used Catholicism as a veil to hide their true identity so that they would not get killed. – the witches hid underground and formed a church of their own. They began holding services on Sun Day, one of their many gods “The Sun” and named their gods after Christian characters for the public to believe they were “Christian” to hide out and not get killed. This underground church is what you see today called The Catholic Church. It is the reason why every cross they bow to has a circle around it because they are true sun and moon worshippers and not worshippers of Jesus. I can tell you all day long that I follow Jesus, but if my actions do not coincide with my words then it is obvious that my heart is not into it. God cares about what is in your heart no matter what denomination you are in. He wants your whole heart and He does want you to come out of the pagan Catholic Church no matter what your priests have told you. Remember that only those in the Vatican really know what is going on, many of the clergies are clueless.

This explains the hundreds of Catholic Churches all around the world with cemeteries beneath their churches. You see in voodoo you need dead bodies to practice this religion. So having cemeteries beneath their churches was the best way they knew how to get ahold of their much-needed bones and body parts to practice their witchcraft. Even today, they use human organs and body parts and human bones to do their magic. It is no secret, this is part of their practice. Have you ever heard of the Capuchin Crypts in Rome? Where do you think all these skeletons came from?

They are really worshiping voodoo gods, namely Mawu and Lisa, Danballah, Ogun, Erzulie just to name a few who are the fallen angels of Satan. They have several hundred different gods. There is a video of a Santeria priest here who names the Santeria name of their God and their Catholic counterparts. One of the ways the voodoo priests are deceived is that they are told that they serve Jesus Christ as you will hear this Santero priest say at the end of the video. Many witches also use and say “in the name of Jesus” after their prayers. The devil lies to them and tells them that they are serving Jesus when they are really serving Satan.

Click the link here to see the Santeria priest name the Santeria Saints and their Catholic names:

There are many sites out there on the web, written by Catholics of course, that state that the three religions have nothing to do with the other, and they continue to hide their practices to this day. I don’t expect the Catholic Church to come out and tell her true history because she knows she will crumble to pieces and lose even more followers so they chose to continue with their lies. I do truly believe that there are hundreds and thousands of good Catholic people and that their superiors are just not telling them the truth. Even the priests are deceived and don’t know what the ones with all the authority in the Vatican are doing.

There is no difference between Catholicism, Voodoo, and Santeria. I was a priestess in Voodoo and I was born a Catholic and I can tell you with 100% certainty that they are all the same religion. Many Catholics don’t read the Bible and don’t know that when Satan fell he did not fall alone. There were 1/3 of the angels in heaven that fell with him who were also in rebellion to Yahweh and these “Santos’ that they light candles to and ask for favors of are those fallen angels that Satan pulls out of hell through the Veve’s (drawings made of cornmeal that are a doorway from hell into the earthly realm) on the floor in their voodoo ceremonies and works through their willing initiates of Santeria, Voodoo, and Catholicism.

Here is a chart in PDF format attached, of some striking similarities that I discovered, after having researched in great detail all three religions: The Great Deception.

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The site below clearly states that the Catholic Church is the Matrix and is called Matrice or Matrice Erzulie.’s-28258