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Santeria and Voodoo in Catholicism

Here is an interview with a Santeria Priest that Marisol  took in July 2016. This Santeria Priest confirms the saints in Catholicism & Santeria are the same and the names were changed to hide their identity due to persecution that occurred in the past when Santeria priests were given the choice to convert to Catholicism or be killed. So they hid their religion under the guise of Catholicism so they were not persecuted. 

In the below video at the 1:07:40 mark so almost toward the end. This man who clearly states he is a Babalow which means Father of secrets in English clearly states the same thing as Robert does in the above video in that the saints in the Catholic Church are the same saints in Santeria and lists the Santeria gods they worship and their catholic counterpart. Both Priests are ordained in the Santeria Religion exactly like Priests in Catholicism are ordained. There is no difference between Santeria(Means Saint Worship) and Catholicism they are one and the same religion. Santeria is a child religion of Voodoo. As I stated before if you were not a priest or priestess in Voodoo or Santeria it would be very difficult to see the two religions as one, but all who have been close enough to these dark religions sees it and knows it clearly as these two do and as I do. 

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